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Jesus saw what was coming by way of the cross...Jesus saw the beating of the Roman whip with the metal attached to the ends that would rip the skin from the victims back.

Beaten beyond recognition and could barely see to carry an old wooden cross to die on.

That night before: He saw that same blood that would run down His arm and drip off his elbow as the nails were driven into His hands.

That night before: He saw that same blood dripping off His toes and down to the foot of the cross as nails were driving into His feet.

The night before: He saw that same blood as a crown of thorns was placed on His head and that same blood ran down His forehead onto His eyebrows and down onto His eyelashes and into His eyes and blared His vision.

But wait!!!

The blood might have blared His human vision but, Jesus was God in the flesh.

The night before: He saw that blood as salvation to who so ever would come to Him.

The night before: He saw you and me as we came to that cross and that blood washed away our sins and give us life eternal.

The night before He could see the defeat of death and the fall of Satan.

The night before: He could see the plans of a Heavenly home for you and for me.

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