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I'm reminded of the lion who woke up one morning and decided it was time to stroll through the jungle and check on his kingdom. He came first to a giraffe chewing on some leaves up in a tree.

"Hey, long neck," he asked, "Who's the king of the jungle?"

"Why you are on great lion, you are." he replied.

"Good answer" the lion growled.

Next, he came to a gorilla and asked him, "Hey, big boy. Who's the king of the jungle?"

The gorilla replied, "Why, you are, oh great lion, you are."

"Good answer," the lion growled.

As he walks on down the path he spotted an elephant spraying himself with water as he stood with his front two feet in the river. "Hey, fat boy," the lion yelled, "Who's the king of the jungle?"

The elephant, finishing his spray, looked over at the lion and grabbed him around the neck with his trunk. He beat him on the ground a few times, turned and held him under the water for about thirty seconds, and finally after twirling him around his head a few times, let him fly. The lion landed up against a tree.

As he was sliding down the tree trunk he shook his head, looked up at the elephant and said, "Man, you ain't got to get mad just cause you don't know the answer."

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