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I am mechanically inept and every once in a while I try to do some mechanical thing. Sometimes it's as simple as trying to put up a light fixture. Inevitably it fights back and doesn't go easily. I start getting frustrated and forcing the issue, usually making it worse. The main reason is that I want to feel somewhat competent. Now the more I force, the more problems I usually run into, and the more frustrated I get.

Or maybe I'm looking for something and can't find it. Again I keep looking harder, getting more and more frustrated as I do. Somehow I believe if I look for the tenth time in the same spot, it will magically appear, and I get mad when that logic doesn't seem to pan out.

Inevitably though, if I stop, take a break, get my mind focussed and let the anger subside, and then just go to God, something good will happen. I will find what I was looking for, I will manage to fix what I was messing up, or someone else will come and take care of it for me. Or at the very least I will calm down and not be such an idiot. But it's so easy to forget this and get caught in the same crazy cycle again and again.

Now these are very minor issues, what about the big stuff? We think, "well, the more important it is, the more necessary it is for me to take care of it." Isn't that true? I'll take the little stuff to God when it doesn't really matter, but I better handle the big stuff. But isn't that also bad logic? If I see God come through with finding my baseball glove, should I not also let give Him have the bigger, more important stuff?

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