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Amidst the continuing saga of the uber-force storms that have ravaged the western seaboard of our nation, the clouds that have been dousing the state of California in water by the bucket, scientists have been hard at work studying Pacific weather patterns attempting to analyze the worst case scenario.

Caught in the crossroads of these present unpleasantries is yesteryear's yearbooks. And these books detail a different kind of storm, a different kind of weather tragedy, one that flooded according to most legends pretty much all of Western California.

According to all reports, 1861 brought our country more than just the Civil War, it gave us perhaps the greatest water event short of Hurricane Katrina. During a brief 23 day period, back to back hurricanes brought the Sunshine State somewhere around 8 feet of rain without any relief, including over an entire foot in the mountains just a bit northwest of L.A. The tropical event flooded out every city and ridge on the coastline, in fact, the newly elected governor had to attend his inauguration via rowboat. As modern day scientists begin to study the effects of a storm like that, they have given the disaster a name worthy of its nature--The Frankenstorm.

As Pastor Jim Wheeler says here at 1st Baptist Church of Lake St. Louis states, "There are three kinds of Christians: those in a storm, those leaving a storm, and those going into a storm." And how we respond to the storm is said to be indicative of our walk with the Lord. Or even more specifically, how we respond to the storm can serve as evidence if we even know the Lord.

But what about a Frankenstorm? What about a crisis so great as to leave devastation for years and years to come? Does the Lord really wish to help? Friends...dear friends...even the wind and waves obey Him! He absolutely does care. He absolutely does love. And he absolutely will be with those who call upon his name for he will never leave us nor forsake us. So if the tempests of life are battering at your boat and there is no ground to stand on, now is the time to come fully before the Lord.

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