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Thelma, married to Darryl (which the film portrays as a controlling husband) and Louise (a single waitress with a troubled past) decide to take a weekend road trip in Louise’s teal 1966 Thunderbird convertible. They stop at a bar where Thelma flirts with a man who later tries to rape her, and Louise ends up shooting and killing him. They flee the scene as things begin a downward spiral. They associate with some losers along the way who use them, abuse them and sneak away taking their money. Thelma robs a store, puts a policeman in the trunk of his cruiser, and along with Thelma shoots bullets at the gas tank of a truck whose driver has made obscene gestures at them. The truck explodes and kills the driver. When law enforcement finally corner them near the Grand Canyon, rather than spend the rest of their life in prison, Thelma and Louise drive the T-Bird over the canyon wall, committing suicide.

Yes, things had been bad for Thelma, but by actions not carefully thought out, a road trip means the end of her life’s journey. We must be careful, for we can do the same thing in our life. (Wikipedia)

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