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My friend Geoff was sitting with his wife praying for a woman they didn't know. Geoff prayed silently for this lady, asking God if he wanted to say something. Now, this doesn't usually happen to Geoff but he was aware of two words; 'Anne'; and 'Doulos'; so feeling a little nervous he offered these words to her.

"Is your name Anne by any chance?"

She replied, "Yes it is! Why?"

Geoff asked, "Does the word 'Doulos' mean anything to you?"

Anne said, "No, it doesn't. What does it mean?"

Geoff said, "Doulos is the name of a ship owned by Mercy Ships. It goes overseas to suffering communities with Doctors, nurses and other professionals."

Anne said, "You're kidding! My husband and I have been wondering for a while whether we should offer ourselves to Mercy Ships!

It's as if God was saying, "You are Anne. I know you. I've got a purpose for you. I'm sending you to work with Mercy Ships."

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