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I used to be a substitute teacher. Most of the time, I had good classes. Sometimes I had bad classes. But one day, I had a horrible class. Kids were running around the room, throwing paper wads, screaming and yelling. One kid ran out the side door into the courtyard and came back in tracking mud all over the classroom. I think that was the day I started losing my hair!

But all of a sudden, the principal shows up! It gets really quiet. He said to me "Who are the five biggest troublemakers?" I could have easily picked out ten troublemakers. But I picked out five. The principal points a thick finger at the five kids and says "Come with me!" And I never saw them again. And I never had another problem with that class.

I was amazed at the authority of that principal. That’s how the disciples feel about Jesus! They see him carry out the judgment of God in the temple courts. They see him symbolically carry out the...

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