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In 2005, Newsweek and Beliefnet asked Americans this question: "Do you believe that God created the universe?" Eighty percent of those responding said the universe was created by God. That's good news! And it's pretty amazing that after all of the money and effort spent on teaching evolution, 80% of people still believe that God created the world.

Carlson and Decker summed up the false teachings of evolution this way: "In kindergarten we are taught that a frog turning into a prince is a fairy tale. When we get to college, we're taught that a frog turning into a prince is science."

(The Creation Debate - Genesis 1:1-5, 31; 2:1-4 - Sermon by: Rodney J. Buchanan - Mulberry St. UMC - Mount Vernon, OH - July 9, 2006. Fast Facts on False Teaching, Carlson & Decker, 1994, p.57. Found in "In Other Words" - June 2002 - Issue 2. From a sermon by Rick Crandall, Praise the God of our Creation! 7/5/2011)

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