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One Stadia is equal to 600 feet. So the dimensions would be approximately 1363 miles high, 1363 miles wide and 1363 miles long. It doesn’t seems that long when you think that the length would be from approximately the East Coast to Colorado when you consider all believers from all time are to be in heaven. But then you get to the height of heaven. The Space Shuttle flies between 200 and 240 miles above the earth. Now heaven is going to extend 1363 miles about the earth. WOW now that is a big heaven.

A cubit is 18 inches so the wall of heaven will be 200 feet thick made up of awesome crystals. Now realize this. There will be no need for the sun as God’s glory will illuminate all heaven, even to 1,300 miles above the earth! That is why God should receive our praise, glory and honor from morning till night. We serve an awesome God.

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