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What does it mean to be a risk taker for God, for His Kingdom?

1. It means opening yourself up to change.

2. It is the acceptance of the fact that there is a need for change.

3. It is literally taking the behavioral steps necessary that will result in that change.

4. It is the honest appraisal of a situation in life or others which requires your action of faith.

5. Its understanding the risks involved in taking such faith action steps.

6. It is making a choice to take the required faith action step.

7. It is performing the action with full consciousness of the risks, pros and cons and potential outcome and still being willing to trust God.

8. It is accepting the consequences of such action.

9. It is the ability to ignore your need for other's approval in order to take the most appropriate action for you and others.

10. It involves taking the gamble that you may experience rejection from others for the faith actions you have chosen to take.

11. It is pursuing the required actions despite the fear that it will affect others negatively, resulting in their efforts to make you feel guilty about taking such action.

12. It is deciding to make a personal sacrifice of time, energy, ability and knowledge as an investment to better your circumstances and others lives.

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