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Yesterday we had an "event" at church. We were told to come with comfortable clothes and that was all the direction we received. When we got to church, the pastor said, "OK folks, today we are going to the gas station up the street. We are going to give $25.00 of gas to 150 cars that come through."

So we had people break into groups that were going to pump gas, ones that would do windows, and ones that would tell what pump to activate. Before we went, our pastor prayed that the Lord would bring people to us that needed to see that our God is faithful.

I said to Julie going up "I wonder if we can fill our tank up too?" Now that was a hardened heart. But God is in the heart changing business. Amen!! When you do things for others drastic changes take place in your heart. I was not prepared for the heart surgery that was about to come.

One woman in a van pulled up to our spot, and she opened her door as her window would not come down. Hey, our car does that too! Some started pumping gas and cleaning her windows, so I went over to speak to her. As I started to grab the handle on her door, she opened it first. All of a sudden I was face to face with a young woman whose eyes had turned red, and the tears started to flow and would not stop. She grabbed me, not just hugged me but grabbed me as though it was all she could do to stand.

She said "You don't know what this means to me. I have 4 kids and I have no money. Our gas light came on and I saw your sign for free gas." She told me more of her story of pain, loss and no hope and then hugged me again.

I looked in her car and all I could see were the remnants of what a car with 4 kids looks like. She was on empty physically, spiritually and emotionally. But God knew, didn't He folks?

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