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This past Sunday morning I had an encounter with God. I had a bad headache (from God to keep me home) so I did not go with Julie and the boys to church. I got my bible out and then started praying. I felt the Lord flood my soul and then I felt like laying prostrate on the floor and giving everything I had in my soul over to God. Then I heard it. In my spirit I head God say “Brad I love you.” That was it but that was enough. Have you ever seen where Snoopy cries and his tears shoot straight up and out? That was me. It was as if I needed to hear from my creator that I was all right. That I was on the right track. That things would turn out good. But more importantly that I did not need to do anything more to earn God’s favor. I never needed to. It was probably the best hour of prayer and the most Kleenex I ever used in an hour! I was refreshed by the power of God.

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