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A Problem Becomes a Solution

I stood dismayed in the kitchen of our newly acquired country home--I had accidentally submerged my left foot in a tray of fresh wall paint.

A few minutes later, as I took off my comfortable, hole-in-the-toe painting sneakers, I regretted that I hadn’t brought along another pair of socks. I would have to sport a "Country Orange" big toe in my sandals when I picked up my four little sons from the sitter’s.

When I arrived at her home, she suggested that since they were still napping, I do a little shopping and stop back for them later.

I don’t often get an offer like that, so I wasted no time in heading for the department store.

On the way, I remembered my toe.

It would had been embarrassing to explain my clumsiness, my orange toe, and my toeless sneaker.

At the store, however, I quickly made my way to the house...

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