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In the latest global statistics, they say that the population of Earth is now 7 billion people. About 2 billion of these people claim to be Christian. Not everyone that claims to be a Christian is truly a Christian. Maybe there is about 1 billion that are true followers (I don't know)

However let's take the statistics as true and there are 5 billion that are not followers of Christ. They are far from God and they are going to spend an eternity without God. If you were about to line them one by one that line would be all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe, to China and it would circle the entire globe 34 times. This is how many lost people there are in the World this time.

What do you thing God things about that? As he looks down to the World he created he's got 2 billion kids that are found and are OK but there are 5 billion that are lost. Jesus came to seek and save that was wish was lost.

Seek and save means that we need to have a routine, something in our life that will drive us to direct our attention to those lost people.

Every single person is important to God!

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