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Father William Bausch told a story of a boy who one morning had arrived very early at school and waited patiently at the door. Next to arrive was a lady who was surprised that this youngster had arrived so early. "It’s locked" the pupil said as the teacher tried the door. She began to fumble for her keys and the pupil immediately brightened up.

"You’re a teacher!" he said enthusiastically.

"How do you know that?" she asked.

The boy hesitated for a moment, then said with respect, "Ma’am, you have the key."

The teacher in this story was overwhelmed by that simple statement, "You have the key," which got her pondering on her responsibilities as a teacher. Our Lord Jesus Christ was more than a teacher, He is the Truth that set free all that come and waits patiently for his return. Just as the teacher has the key to earthly knowledge so our Lord has the key to eternal life.

Our world must know that they have the Key to a peaceful solution to some of the world grievances, our leaders must know that they have the Key to talk to each other rather than war with each other. Jaw, jaw they say is better than war, war.

We have the key to prevent our world from disintegrating into total chaos. Yes, we have the key. We have the key to uphold the values of our heroes past and hand over the baton of righteousness. Yes, we have the key.

We have the key to raise a new generation of people who see love as a preference to war. You may think I am dreaming but I see the light. We have the key.

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