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I have a friend that called me last night. I have known him for many years and he has been struggling with uncertainty like most folks in his business. He was also questioning, "Is this what the Lord wants me to do?"

Well, he just came back from a trip where he was helping train people and teaching them but spending almost all of his money to do it. But in his voice I heard a new person speaking. This man now had a purpose and happiness that I had not heard from him before. I also have known from experience that this man is a giver, not only of money but also of his time and resources. He is a great example to me of someone who gives without expecting ANYTHING in return.

A lot of you are like that when you give to our ministry. I can’t give you anything worldly back because I don’t have anything worldly. But what I do have is hope, not in me but in Jesus. It was contagious listening to the joy and hope in his voice. I am looking forward to seeing what the next stage of his life will be. God has used all his past experiences for this new challenge. Are you now thinking the same thing?

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