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Have you ever heard the "trumpet" call to do battle in our culture? On every side we are bombarded with things and teachings that are anti-God. There is the lasciviousness where "free-sex" reigns as supreme. It is the Christian’s God ordained duty to confront this sin against God and call our culture back to chasity! We have the abuse factor; abuse of mind / mood altering drugs and alcohol, we see abuse in the family (physical, emotional and spiritual), we should understand the battle involves being "pro-life", "pro-traditional marriage", "pro-family" and "pro-God".

Every person who has trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior (by the way, those are inseparable) is granted enlistment in the Army of God. Being enlisted means we are required to follow the orders of our Great General. Jesus Christ. He is the One that has the battle plan. He knows the end of the battle from the beginning. The soldier is seldom trusted with the battle plan, he is normally given a specific task to fulfill. He may not realize he is important until the tide of the battle starts to fail.

This is where we are today. The soldiers of the Cross have failed to see the importance of their particular task and have neglected their duty. As a result we see many battles being lost. Prayer in school, Abortion, Political Correctness Culture, Divorce-rate, etc... These things ought not to be, but they are, mainly, because of the soldiers of God who are A.W.O.L. (absent with out leave).

There is a time for rest and that time is now now! Our culture is in desperate need of Godly men and women who will engage in the battle for the future of our children and grand children to the extent that we will not just hear the sound of the trumpet, but will rally together around our Great General and take to complete His orders for the battle at hand.

If you belong to Jesus, this NOT OPTIONAL!

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