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The receiving line at the memorial was very long as Jim and Steph had many family members that came from Texas and Georgia. Halfway through the line, I was introduced to Jim's sister, brother and nephew. They said "Are you the Brad Henry that wrote the devotional about my brother?" I told them I was but I didn't remember anyone for the family being on the list.

The service was very emotional and at the gravesite a P 51 (WW II Fighter) made a low pass overhead to honor Jim and Steph. After the service I walked back inside and sat down at the reception where they were serving food with Jim's brother and sister. I asked them "How did you get the devotional"?

They told me a man that I have never met (about 90% of the people on the devotional I have never met) said that their office in Georgia gets our Daily Devotional from a man in Tennessee who is a client. The man in Tennessee who faithfully forwards out the Daily Devotional had no idea that this office he was forwarding it to had the members of Jim's family working there. BUT God knew.

NO WAY did this happen by chance. God in His comfort and mercy knew this family needed to hear words of comfort and hope. THEN the sister in law told me "God has you doing exactly what He wants you to do." God NEVER fails. While we may not understand the path God takes us we can be confident in the journey that He will be beside us every step of the way.

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