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Imagine you are looking for someone – let’s say it’s your long lost friend from high school. The first step is to ask around from people who might know him and where he lives, what he’s doing, how you might locate him. Now that might satisfy your curiosity, but if you are really interested in finding that friend, you take that address that you were able to get, look on a map, get in the car and start driving to that town and that street address. You finally found his house and you might be satisfied with that, you might have seen him driving into the garage, and walking into the house after work. But if you want to complete your goal, you walk up to the front door and knock. You hear the TV on. You saw him come home. No one answers. You keep on knocking. Still no one. Do you go home? Do you leave? No! You keep on knocking until your friend comes to the door, and then the great reunion begins.

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