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Earnest Heed

Hebrews 2:1

There was a man named Earnest Heed

Who simply refused listen

But when his wife cooked apple pie

His eyes would always glisten.

Earnest had a few close friends

Named Apathy and Lazy

They like Earnest refused to hear

And drove other people crazy.

One day,

Earnest and His Friends went on a trip,

For rest and relaxation

Then suddenly an angel appeared

With out an explanation.

He said to Earnest and his friends

Have you realized thus far

That you have gone through all your life

Without realizing who you are.

For You have chosen what you want to hear

In your ears have made no room

For God has spoken many times

And now you are facing doom.

Earnest and his friends passed away that day

With Angel’s words in their ears.

For they had ignored and refused to listen

For many, many...

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