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Someone the other day told me they had a problem with Security at the airport from something they left in their carry on. Then it got me to thinking, which is a bad idea anyway, about my TSA encounter.

I had an early morning flight and I got through security at about 5:15am. I put all my stuff in the bins and walked through the machine with no problem. I got on the other side and waited for my luggage. I could see one of the TSA agents looking at the x ray screen with another agent. I had also put my iPod in my baggage and it had a lot of wires so I thought maybe they were looking at that. Then they shut the lines down. No one else could come through. I was daydreaming like normal and all of a sudden now there were about 8 TSA agents around the machine and now 2 policemen beside me along with airport security and a host of other plain clothes people.

Two policemen came over to me and asked me if this was my bag, I told them yes and they started to open the side pocket of my carry on bag. Then they proceeded to pull out a HAND GRENADE!! From my last talk at a men's breakfast I forgot to put it back in the garage. The policeman asked me if it was real with a very white look on her face but not as white as the look I had. I told her No and then the Bomb Squad person looked at it and pulled out the pin and the inside mechanism. He shook his head that it was not real and then I had to explain what I used it for. Now I know some of you have been yelled at by TSA when you have 4 oz of shampoo instead of 3.5 oz. Now here I have a hand grenade.

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