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Jesus' first remedy for the Church in Ephesus was too "REMEMBER." Rev. 2:5 says, "Remember therefore from where you are fallen..."

Remember what it was like during the honeymoon stage? Go back in your mind to a time when passion prevailed in your spiritual life. Relive it and analyze why you lost that loving feeling with God in the first place.

I remember years ago when Susan and I were going through one of the worst crises of our marriage. We were so desperate that we were tossing around the word divorce. We had fought long into night, and there seemed to be no hope.

We finally went to bed and the next morning, I started thinking back to the honeymoon phase of our marriage. I realized that I had stopped doing the things that I used to do to fan the flames of love between us. I had taken her for granted--something I never did when we were in our first love stage. I didn't cherish her like I used to. Whereas in the early days, I was careful to speak lovingly and sweetly, I now found it easy to respond sometimes unlovingly or insensitively. It was time to make a change.

Have you lost your first love for the Lord? Where did you start to lose your passion for Him? Go back and find out where you started to grow cold and passionless for the Lord, and CHANGE.

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