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In the 1500’s there was a commander named Cortes who was trying to conquer the Yucatan Peninsula for its gold. To prevent retreat Cortes ordered his ships to be sent to sea and scuttled so they could not retreat. How where they to get home? They weren’t--they would either win or perish!!

Sometimes when you make a decision to move forword you need to burn all ships of retreat. If you are getting married or are married, you need to burn all ships to any former boyfriends or girlfriends. If you are starting a new job then you need to put all your effort into that job as if you will never get another one. In our ministry it was not until I scuttled all ships to the past in making any income that the Lord opened the floodgates. In an 8 week period our devotional increased by 60%. Many people signed up to give monthly and my spirit felt refreshed. It...

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