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A young child was diagnosed with a terminal disease. The parents knew that he would die soon. The child as well knew that his death would be soon.

One night he was sitting in his mother's lap watching television with her. He looked up into her eyes and said, "Mommy does it hurt to die?"

The young mother was overcome with grief and had to leave the room for a moment to gather her emotions. She stood in the bathroom and prayed, "God what can I tell him?" She felt that the Lord gave her a word for him.

She went back into the room and said, "Honey do you remember how so many times you have fallen asleep in front of the television and then the next morning you wake up in your room? Well I will tell you what happens. When you go to sleep your father comes in and with his strong arms he picks you up and carries you into your room. And then the next thing you know you wake up in your room. Well, death is just like that. When you die, you fall asleep and Jesus Christ gathers you up in His strong arms and carries you to heaven. And then you wake up in another room!"

--Unknown Author

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