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Today it doesn’t take wars or persecutions to challenge our Christian faith or religious practices. No spears, no swords, no fiery torches or saddled horses to combat our religiosity. Sadly, these so called wars and battles among Christians are domesticated within the surrounding of our own worship environment. Such disputes (a shameful depiction of conflict and disagreements) are confined locally within the church walls.

God’s power must not be wasted and must be used to do things that glorify Him. This Christmas, do not just be an action hero figure that sits on the display case. We are a people of a great and mighty King whose strength has been given to us. God’s greatness must be revealed through oneness. God’s greatness must be evident by our desires to follow His commands. Work together, love one another, and join the army of God by marching forward and pressing onward. Our enemies have been defeated so fight with confidence. Know that all great things are done by the Lord and how wonderful it is for us to be part of that victory. Victory that will one day be celebrated with Christ our Lord and Savior, King of heaven.

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