3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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We often don't realize how good we have it here in America.

The film, End of Spear, tells the true story of five missionaries--including Jim Elliot and Nathan Saint--who were speared to death by the murderous Waodani tribesman living in the jungles of Ecuador. Amazingly, the wives and children of the men who were murdered stayed put and were eventually able to reach out to Waodani people with the message of Jesus. In time, Steven Saint grew up and befriended Mincayani, the man who killed his father.

Decades later, Steven brought Mincayani to the United States for a visit. He was absolutely amazed by what life is like here. My favorite moment is where Mincayani tries to explain McDonalds to his wife back home. He tells her there’s the houses have windows in them, that you can drive up to. "You tell the woman of the house what you want and she just makes it for you, puts in a bag and hands it out the window. And you don’t have to give her anything in return!"

Steven jumps in at that point to correct Mincayani. "That’s not exactly true, I have to give her this," he says waving his credit card!

Mincayani shakes his finger and say, "No, no, she gives it right back!"

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