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On a wall in our home hangs a picture of the GHOST-TOWN of Bodie, Nevada. While out west visiting family my wife stopped by and became intrigued with the place. It became an abandoned town after the gold rush gave out. In its hey-day, it was all anyone could have wanted.

Main street was bustling with activity a hundred or so years ago. There were restaurants, hotels, general stores, saloons, a fire station, houses and even a funeral home. Walking through that gold mining town helped one imagine what life was like. When the gold played-out the people also left, leaving all kinds of "treasures" behind. Over time the town became a weather-beaten shell.

The miners were persistent in working their claims as long as there was hope of finding a "glory hole." When the hope of finding a glory hole gave out among more and more miners, the town eventually dried up and died.

What are you mining out of God's "glory hole" - Jesus Christ and His Word? Has the playing-out of your life or other Christian lives' caused you to stop digging into God' s Word and bringing out the eternal treasures of Christ? If you have been encountering the riches of Christ, why not share them with others? This could renew their life and cause them to dig deep into God's Word also.

Do you know anyone whose life is becoming a spiritual ghost town? Why not share with them some treasure from your "glory hole." Stimulate them once again to love and good deeds (Heb. 10:24-25).

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