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At 2006 when the National Missionary Convention was held in Indianapolis, IN, the invited guest for the Bible study was a man named Mont Cox, a professor at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. He told a story I think I will never forget.

As a young man growing up he wanted to become a medical doctor. Wanted to drive a Mercedes, but then the day finally came when he decided that he needed to be a missionary. He and his wife prayed about this and decided to go to Kenya, Africa to serve as missionaries. By the expression on his parents' face when he told them, obviously they disapproved.

The day came when he and his wife and 3 daughters went to Kenya. When they got to Kenya the first thing that he did was to learn their language because he wanted to convey the gospel in their language. He studied hard and learned to speak it fluently.

Once he learned their language, he thought about how he was going to get a crowd. He found out that many people in that community hang out at the beer hut. He thought that if Jesus hanged out with sinners then I can certainly hang out at the beer hut. He went to the local beer hut and sit down on the men’s side and talk with them about the Lord. Did this for a number of days.

It was customary for men to sit on one side and women on the other. Older lady hear him talking and was struck by what she was hearing so she kept moving closer to the men’s side. Finally she got over next to him. She looked up into his face and said, "You're a white man." Within a few days this lady had learned enough that she decided that she wanted to be a Christian and she was baptized.

After they were in Kenya for 6 1/2 years, his father came to visit them. He was introducing his father to some of the people who had become Christians. Among them was this older lady in her 80s. When she was introduced to the father, she said through interpretation by the missionary, "When I was just a little girl my grandfather used to say to me that a white man would come and tell us something that we needed desperately to hear."

Did that just happen? God answers prayer, I believe in the Providence of God. Not just my prayer or yours but the prayer the Holy Spirit is praying on our behalf.

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