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In his book The Spiritual Life of Children, the famous Harvard psychiatrist Robert Coles tells the story of Alice, a ten-year-old girl who came from a family that did not believe in God. She expressed her doubts to him with these words: "I remember... I saw the people next door coming home from church, and I looked out the window after they'd left and I tried to ask God if they were right and we were wrong, because we never go. But how can you talk with God? I said, 'All right, God, please, I'm young, and I'd like to know, so give us a signal, me and my mommy and daddy.' I knew he wouldn't -- and he didn't." But then she says, "Later, when I went to the park, I thought there might not be a God, but somehow we have this park and the flowers are out, and how did all of this begin, that's what I'd like to know!"

God met her in the park with miracles all around her. It was when and where she least expected him. Don't miss the signs! He is there and he is longing for you.

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