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I heard a joke about Bill and Hillary Clinton recently. It seems they were on vacation one weekend, and decided to go for a drive to see the beautiful countryside. After a while, they needed to stop for gas. They pulled into a tiny gas station, and out walked a man to help them. Hillary looked up and screamed at the top of her lungs, "Charley! Is that you? I can't believe it!" She jumped out of the car and gave the man a big hug, and proceeded to talk with the man for a long time. After they were finished talking, they hugged again, and Hillary got back in the car.

As they were driving away, Bill turned to Hillary and asked "Honey, who was that?"

"That was Charley, an old boyfriend of mine," she responded. "We dated for a long time, and almost got married."

"Just think," said Bill. "If you had married him, today you would be the wife of a gas station attendant."

"No," said Hillary, "If I had married him, today he would be the President of the United States!"


Who has the greater influence on the other -- you or the world? That is to say, has the world shaped you and made you what you are today, or have you changed the world around you by your influence on it?

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