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Facebook can be an excellent way for family members, especially extended family members, to maintain a daily communication link. People with a warm sharing personality can find a great deal of support and comfort in having a family member, or a friend, who has a sharing personality to talk to. Sometime, when a bunch of people get involved in a topic, it is almost like setting around the patio having a barbeque and talking.

There are times, however, when a posting can be downright humorous or painfully melodramatic. For example, the following was posted on Facebook.

"I have been fighting a major battle with demons this week. Satan’s evil hoard has launched a full scale attack, and some of their forward units have actually penetrated the perimeter. I rushed in reserves and successfully drove the demons back outside the perimeter but the fighting has been fierce. Sad truth is, however, I have suffered more causalities from the suppressing fire, which supported the demon ground attack, than from the actual attack itself. Right now, I am very tired and somewhat apprehensive as I await the next attack. I long for the day my savior returns! I just pray that I am in the front line when Jesus’ army kicks demon butt. Perhaps it is wrong to think this way, but I want to ride into battle with Jesus and drench my sword in demon blood."

Now, you got to admit that this was a bit melodramatic, but you cannot deny the individual's truthfulness...we are in a spiritual war.

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