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On Christmas Day, Mike Nicholas, a tall and slim young man with dark hair was making his way south on I-85 just below High Point, NC trying to hitch a ride. For two years, he hadn't been home. His family had heard nothing from him. He and his mother had a disagreement and he had set off across the country, going from town to town, from odd job to odd job. He was the prodigal son but now he was ready to go home. He had only 30 miles to go but a ride was hard to come by. As he stood by the side of the road, he said to himself, "Mom, I'm tired and hungry, but I'm coming home."

The cold wind blew and a few trucks rumbled by. Then from across the road, Mike heard his name called. To his surprise, it was his stepfather waving and calling to him from his truck. Mike ran across the highway as his stepfather said, "Get in Mike, we're going home."

Mike tossed his bag in the back of the truck and embraced his stepfather. "How did you happen to be here?"

His stepfather said, "I came to pick you up. Drove straight here."

But how did you know I'd be here? I didn't write or call."

"Your mother sent me. Just this morning in her prayers for you, she knew you were coming and that you..." would be right here. The two looked at each other without saying a word. "She's waiting for you son. Let's go."

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