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How do you cope with complaining, nagging, whine-baby people? Internet discussion board posted this:

Why do people complain so much?

I know it's a natural thing but it has to be unhealthy. At my job people never stop complaining. Every day it's either too hot or too cold. Then, they start complaining about their schedule which really makes me angry. It's always the ones that get every weekend off that want to complain. I'm not perfect. I know I complain sometimes but not this much. I hate going to work now because I have to listen to people whine and moan all day.

One fellow wisely responded:

Best thing I ever did was quit the rat race. Just ignore them and let them wallow in their self inflicted misery. Be glad that you are not like them and keep a smile on your face. They are the ones with the problem.

At another site, I found this interesting attempt to cope with the whiners. I have never tried it, but it sounds intriguing:

This tip may seem a little outrageous but if you're able to do it, it really does change your internal reaction (without the other person suspecting a thing!). Using your imagination at the time the other person is complaining or nagging, in your mind, change their voice so that it sounds like Mickey Mouse and/or put circus music in the background... Now a word of caution - be respectful - this is ONLY happening in YOUR mind for YOUR benefit.

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