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Les Parrot states in his book Crazy Good Sex: "No human longing is more powerful, more difficult to rein in, than sex. It has enough combustive force to incinerate wedding vows, family commitments, career goals, religious devotion, and anything else in its path" (page 17).

So let's get back to our topic today -- lusting after others -- having a mind that is consumed with the wrong focus in life for others.

Men or women if you have an out of control mind in regards to sexual things then I suggest the first thing you do is eat Corn Flakes! Pause Yes, I said Corn Flakes!

Les Parrot in his book shares the story of how Corn Flakes were originally developed from pages 25-28:

The flakes were developed by a physician in Battle Creek, Michigan, he believed that neither the plague, nor war, nor small pox, nor similar diseases, have produced results so disastrous to humans than an out of control human sex drive. The name of this great food inventor was Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. Yes, he created a mix of oatmeal and corn meal which was baked and then crushed and he gave it as a prescription to his patients to diminish their sex drive. They were to eat it for breakfast and presto their sex drive would decrease and keep them from this unhealthy habit. He believed sexual activity was unhealthy for humans and even evil. On his honeymoon he started to write a 664 page book called "Plain facts for Old and Young."

He and his wife had different bedrooms and he viewed sex as unhealthy -- believing it caused cancer, epilepsy, diseases, and insanity.

His honeymoon must have been terrible!

Well one of his patients by the name of Charles William Post quickly spotted the commercial possibilities of this breakfast cereal and made Post Toasties, and then Korn--Kinks. By the end of the 19th century there where forty two varieties in the market but Kellogg's Corn Flakes became the king of them all.

The view of sex in the 19th Century was one of abstinence and looked at as evil -- this concept was wrong and is wrong!

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