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I'm all thumbs when it comes to band-aids. I know you're not supposed to touch the pad, the part that compresses the wound. If you do, then you contaminate it, and you run the risk of infection. And, of course, you don't want to do that. So, every time I use a band-aid, it's something of a challenge--a little one, I'll admit, but a challenge all the same.

Actually, I'm able to get the bandage out of the package okay, but then, when I am pulling away the little strips over the sticky part, I get it stuck on the wrong place. My fingers are so clumsy that I wind up having to grasp the only part that's not sticky--the gauze patch--in order to regain control of the process. And, of course, then I've done it. I've soiled the part that supposed to be sterile!

The Bible says that you and I are spiritually contaminated.

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