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Mike Slaughter tells the story of his dog Luka, a giant schnauzer. Luka had an infected toe for several months on his back leg and one of the things that he noticed is that Luka will tend to drag that back foot causing him to scrape his toe. Their vet couldn't figure it out, so he sent them to Ohio State University to a neurologist.

Mike said, I'm thinking, "They're looking at his head. It's all the way at the other end of his the farthest extremity, his toe. Why are you looking at his head when the problem is the toe?"

The doctor said, "No, Mike, you don't understand. Everything in the body goes back to the head. Your head is your command and control center that sends directives to every part of the body. Something is happening in Luka. There is a little disk in the spine which is not functioning properly and is disrupting the signal from the brain." One little part in the body can disrupt the signal that is being passed from the head.

And then he writes, "Jesus is the head of the body. One little part that's not functioning, one little part that's not healthy, will impact the whole body. You think what you do only affects you. You think if this week you're not acting and functioning as Christ is calling you to act and function, it's not going to hurt anybody but you. But the end result is that it disrupts the whole body of Christ. It is critical that you are connected to the body, so the direction of Christ is not disrupted to the rest of the body."

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