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Brian Warner started going to church with a friend years ago. Brian was a skinny pizza faced nerdy looking kid that nobody liked. He was also a loner who looked out of place most of the time.

The youth group took a trip to an amusement park one weekend and when they got there the Youth Pastor instructed everyone to pair up with someone so nobody would get lost or left behind. Everybody got a partner but Brian. Nobody wanted to hang out with him, so he was left by himself.

The weeks went by after that little trip and Brian came to church occasionally but he was never really accepted there and he never felt welcome. Eventually he just quit altogether, and sadly, nobody seemed to notice.

Years later that Youth Pastor got a call from one of the teens that had been in that group. The former teen asked, "Do you remember Brian Warner?" The youth pastor didn't. The former-teen said "Let me refresh your memory, he was a skinny nerdy kid that nobody liked"

The youth pastor said, "Oh, I remember him. Whatever happened to him?"

The teen said, "He changed his name. He took the first name of Marilyn Monroe because she committed suicide and the last name of Charles Manson because he was a serial killer. Now he calls himself Marilyn Manson. He formed a band and all the members have taken the first name of a movie star and the last name of a serial killer."

Most people have heard of Marilyn Manson because he sings some of the most satanic and anti-Christian songs of all time. One of his albums is titled, "Antichrist Superstar". He once said it was his goal to totally wipe out Christianity.

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