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On October 8,1918 Sergeant Alvin C. York single handedly capture 132 German soldiers which earned him the Congressional Medal of Honor. Definitely, he was a hero to be honored. In this battle he displayed courage and selflessness that is required of heroes.

Today’s society doesn’t know truly what a hero is. We found out a little bit about heroes during the World Trade Center Bombing.

But in Sergeant York’s case, the reason that he was a hero in many peoples mind was not the way he carried himself during the battle but how he lived his life.

Listen to a quote that he made in his diary of his experience in World War II,

On July 1st, 1918 he wrote:

I carried a Testament with me. I have the Testament I carried with me

during all my fighting at home now. I read it through five times during my stay in the army. I read it everywhere. I read it in dugouts, in fox holes, and on the front line. It was my rock to cling to. It and my diary. I didn’t do any cursing, no, not even in the...

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