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When Benjamin Franklin was the US Ambassador to France, in Paris he would often converse with members of the 'Infidels' Club', a group of philosophers who spurned the Bible.

These intellectuals spent much of their time searching for and discussing masterpieces of literature and art.

For his amusement, Benjamin Franklin announced that he found an ancient manuscript worthy of their consideration.

"We must hear it!" they exclaimed.

Franklin then read The Book of Ruth to them, changing the names of the characters and locale so that it would not be recognized as a story from the Bible.

When he was finished, the hearers were unanimous in their praise.

"We have never heard anything like it", they said.

It is one of the most touching stories we have ever heard."

"You must tell us where you found it!"

You can imagine Franklin's mischievous delight when he announced that it was a story from the Bible, the object of their ridicule and disapproval.

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