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There once was a man who owned a record company. Besides running the record company, he spent many hours in production listening to the "master disc," from which was the record and all subsequent records were pressed. Over the years his ears became adept at catching the "pops and sizzles," the imperfections that had to be eliminated in the master disk or they would end up on every successive record.

One day someone remarked to him that he had a great job, that listening to music all day long must be very enjoyable. His response was insightful. He said, “You know, I haven’t listened to the music in years. When I turn on my sophisticated home stereo, no matter what recording I’m listening to, all I hear are the 'pops and sizzles.'"

It is important to remember and learn from this little illustration that a wrong focus will ruin our enjoyment of the Christian life! If we focus on the "pops and sizzles,"-- that is the "rules and regulations"--we will lose the beautiful music that is our song, Jesus Christ!

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