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Many years ago a man wanted to play in the Imperial Orchestra, but could not play a note. Since he was, however, a person of great wealth and influence, he demanded to be allowed to join the orchestra so that he could perform in front of the king. The conductor agreed to let him sit in the second row of the orchestra. Even though he did not read music, he was given a flute; whenever the orchestra played he would raise his flute to his lips, pucker up, and move his fingers. He went through all the motions but never made a sound.

This deception went on for two years. Then a new conductor took over and announced he would be personally auditioning all the players. He could then weed out those who did not meet his standards.

One by one they played for him. The phony flutist was frantic with worry. When his turn came he feigned illness. But a doctor was ordered to examine him and pronounced him fit. With shame the man had to admit he was a fake. That was the day he had to "face the music."

Are you ready to "face the music?" We will all, some day, have to "face the music" and stand before the judge for the final verdict.

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