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Mary Khoury, 17 from Damour, Lebanon and her family were forced to their knees before their home. The leader of the Muslim fanatics who had raided their village waved his pistol carelessly before their faces. His hatred for Christians burned in his eyes. "If you do not become a Muslim, you will be shot."

Mary knew Jesus had been given a similar choice and he chose the cross. Her choice was similar. "I was baptized as a Christian, and His word came to me: 'Don't deny your faith.' I will obey Him. Go ahead and shoot." The report of a gun from behind her echoed in the valley and Mary's body fell limply to the ground.

Two days later, the Red Cross came into her village. Of all her family, Mary was the only one still alive. But the bullet had cut her spinal cord leaving both arms paralyzed. Even though handicapped, she knew God still had a plan for her life: "Everyone has a vocation. I can never marry or do any physical work. So I will offer my life for Muslims, like the one who cut my father's throat, cursed my mother and stabbed her and then tried to kill me. My life will be a prayer for them."

That is the amazing love that Jesus revealed on the cross and he gives to us the same amazing love for our enemies.

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