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Listen - God says, don’t buy into the myth of more - thinking that having more (of something or someone) will make you happy.... Don’t buy into the myth of thinking that you are just one purchase, one buck, one promotion, one relationship, one accomplishment, one good time or one gut busting experience away, from true lasting contentment.

All he ever wanted was more --- He wanted more money so he turned inherited wealth into a billion dollars worth of assets. He wanted more fame so he broke into the Hollywood scene and soon became a film producer and star. He wanted more thrills so he designed, built and piloted the fastest airplane in the world. He wanted more power so he secretly dealt political favors so skillfully that two Presidents became his pawns. All he ever wanted was more...He was absolutely convinced that more would bring him contentment.

Unfortunately history shows other wise. He died, emaciated, colorless, with a sunken chest, his finger nails resembled grotesque inches long cork screws. His teeth were rotting black teeth and countless needle marks covered his body from his drug addiction.

Howard Hughes walked around nearly naked most of the time with his beard and hair to his waist. He lived in darkness, wore rubber clothes and sterilized everything in his junk filled room. He spent most of his time watching old movies and drinking soup. He was so lonely he talked on the phone for 10-15 hours a day.


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