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Last week I read in the advice column in the paper about a couple who was celebrating 50 years of marriage. The husband wrote that someone commented, ¡§Ken, 50 years is a long time.¡¨ He immediately responded: ¡§Not nearly as long as it would have been without her.¡¨ I couldn¡¦t get the man¡¦s answer out of my mind. All day long I kept thinking, ¡§not nearly as long as it would have been without her.¡¨ Finally, I found myself starting to write about my life with Cynthia and the conclusion that all I really want from her is: Just one more day!¡¨ (Read Poem: ¡§Just One More Day!¡¨)

Just One More Day¡K Written by Dr. Larry L. Thompson in honor of his wife Cynthia

Lord, You honored me the moment she came into my life

I had no idea You were preparing her to be my wife.

She was so young and innocent, and beautiful in every way

We spent our days together, I prayed; ¡§just one more day.¡¨

I was so blessed that August day she became my bride

So gracefully she approached the altar to be at my side

I held her tight and whispered, ¡§Listen to what I say¡K

Loving you forever¡¦s not enough; I need just one more day.¡¨

In our youth we grew in our understanding of love

Through the laughter, the tears, and blessings from above

Our days full of light, the darkness seemed so far away

Yet I wouldn¡¦t sleep without praying, ¡§O¡¦ God, Just one more day.¡¨

Lord, just when I thought we couldn¡¦t possibly love more

You gave us Taylor and Jennifer to cherish and adore.

They filled our lives with such love in every way¡K

Then our girls became women, I cried, ¡§just one more day.¡¨

¡§They grow up so fast¡¨ was the advice we were told

I dismissed their counsel-we were young and they were old

Now I stare at your pictures knowing you¡¦re miles away

You have no idea what I would give for just one more day.

At first glance it seems so cruel, this cycle of life

I struggle with the aging process, seeing pain and strife

I¡¦m a stranger to my own dad as I hold him and pray,

¡¥Dear God, if we could just sit and visit, just...

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