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In his novel, Edge of Eternity, Randy Alcorn has the main character, Nick, reflect upon how different things are now that He has encountered the risen, reigning Lord Jesus Christ. "I remembered now why I'd stopped looking at the stars. They made me feel so lonely, so disconnected. But not anymore. Seeing the stars now was like rereading a book after meeting the author -- it seemed like the very first time. I'd lived an unconnected life. But I was connected now, to the King, to his creation, and to my traveling companions. I'd grown bone-weary of playing God. It was a big job, and I'd finally discovered I was too small to pull it off. It was hard to abdicate the throne -- but what a relief now that I had."

(Edge of Eternity, Randy Alcorn, Waterbrook Press, Colorado Springs, Colorado, © 1998 by Eternal Perspective Ministries, p. 138)

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