Sermon Illustrations

How do your eyes see it?

By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

so you are a Mother?

I see alot different than you do,

you see the mud all around you,

Ha! I see the diamond in you.

You compare yourself to others,

and say I can never acheive that level.

I say, you are beyond where most ever go.

You see yourself as a drag,

I see you as a JOY, sharing the joy with others.

You see yourself as a little nobody,

I see you are a child of the Most High.

You love to give so much,

you have trouble receiving.

You hear the one negative thought of a angry person.

I hear all the love and praise arround you.

You see the role of the Pastor,

but you can’t see a Mom is more important.

You see TV preachers and singers in the taste of success.

I see how much your friends and me

love you and love your voice heart of encouragement.

You ain’t a nobody, your my sister!

Get that head up and

keep them eyes focused,

you are a precious, rare diamond.


His servant am I.