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I am reminded of the story of a wee lass who sought baptism and membership in a country church. The elders questioned the child in a perfunctory manner, but they were not inclined to believe that such a young person could actually understand what it meant to be saved. So, they solemnly announced that they were prepared to recommend to the congregation that baptism and membership in the church be delayed for the child.

With that decision, the little girl began to weep. As tears began to flow down her cheeks and she tried to stifle the sobs that broke from her chest, one of the elders, perhaps embarrassed that their decision had distressed the child, attempted to console the lass. "Child, you'll be grown up soon enough and then you can be baptised and join the church."

The child responded to the elder's effort at consolation by saying, "Oh, sir, I'm not crying because I cannot be baptised; I know that I'll be a woman one day. But, I'm crying because my friend is not saved; and I'm weeping for my friend."

The Pastor of that congregation, overhearing this exchange, intervened to say, "Gentlemen, I recommend that we reconsider our decision. If this child is thus concerned for her friend, does that not show the heart of the Saviour?"

(From a sermon by Michael Stark, Changing Government, One Prayer at a Time, 8/20/2011)

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