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Over the last two years I was scanning in old files so that I didn’t have three file drawers full of sermons and documents. I had some old files of my dad and in them I discovered some great old stories. One was a parable on tithing. I found it humorous, I can only hope that you do.

"Now it came to pass that a certain rich man invited a churchman to lunch, and they went to a popular restaurant. The waiter was very efficient, and the service was good.

As they rose to depart, the churchman observed that his host laid some coins under the edge of his plate. And the waiter, who stood by, smiled happily; which, being interpreted, meant the tip was satisfactory.

Now, with such customs all are familiar, and this parable entereth not into the merits or demerits of tipping.

But the churchman began to meditate on these coins. Well he knew that the proverbial tip must be at least a tithe (this was written some time ago), lest the waiter turn against you. And it came to him that few people so honor their God as they honor their waiter. For they give unto their waiter the tithe, but they give...

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