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Two strangers, a man and a woman, meet for the first time and instantaneously a spark of interest is ignited. They begin meeting once a week for dinner. But that isn’t enough. Their growing interest in one another demands more contact. Result: their telephone bill soars. They far surpass the maximum minutes allowed on their cell phones and the bills move from $40 a month to $300 a month. What happened? Did they suddenly fall in love with the idea of telephoning? Did they develop a passion for the cell phone? No, they developed a passion for each other. They used the cell phone as their tool for feeding, maintaining, and developing their passion for one another. No one talked them into their using their phones more, or explained to them the benefits of phone usage. It was their passion for each other that drove them, not their passion for the phone.

Prayer is our spiritual telephone. It is the instrument God has provided for keeping in touch with Him. We do not need to restore our passion for the instrument, for prayer. We need to restore our passion for God.

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