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There was a TV documentary about the food we eat. Someone decided to test the quality of food in one of America’s most famous fast-food restaurants. The 30-day plan was to eat nothing but fast food – morning, noon, and night.

Tests were done prior to the experiment and would be done after the experiment to evaluate levels of fats, weight gain, cholesterol levels, and overall health.

Unfortunately the experiment did not last 30 days. After 20 or so days of a steady diet of only fast food, the man’s body began to shut down. The high-sugar, high-fat, fried, and processed food began to build up toxins to such a degree that the man had to be hospitalized.

Ironically, the food tasted great; tragically, it almost killed him.

[Taken from Chip Ingram's book, Living on the Edge, p. 71.]

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